RolfYoga, developed by Ales Urbanczik, is based upon Hatha Yoga.  We combine the practice of Yoga asanas with Ida Rolf’s principles of gravitational pull as they affect a given individual body.  It is much less about form than about an ever increasing awareness of one’s own body

The goal is to do an asana in such a way that it involves as many muscles as possible. That is, to evenly distribute muscle tension over as many, or maybe all of the muscles of the body.  If one conceives of the body as a three dimensional network, the goal is to erect this network such that each joint, each organ, down to the tiniest cell is given the greatest possible room.  To achieve this, it is of primary importance that we become aware of our entire body, and above all, we become aware of our deepest muscle layers.  That we learn to discover these muscles, to feel them, to practice how to use them. 

It is all about creating a new center of balance!  Where there is too much tension, it is important to let go.  Where there is too little tension, to attain greater tone.  Where there is too little room, to create more space.  Where it is too loose, to find stability.  

RolfYoga in Wilchingen: Tuesdays 8:30am
RolfYoga in Zurich: watch Yoga schedule from Ales Urbanczik