We practice yoga based on Hata and Kundalini Yoga. We combine the exercises with Ida Rolf's principles of gravitation and include the individuality of each body. It is much less about form than about "becoming aware" of one's own body.
It's about exploring your own body, for example, how exactly does my spine feel when I move? How does my breath flow? What are my muscles doing in a forward bend? Where are my deep muscle layers and how do they feel? Where are my limitations? If and how can I improve the situation in my body?
Often it is about creating a new balance! Where there is too much tension it is important to let go, where there is too little to create a little more tone, where there is too little space to create a little more space and where it is too loose to find stability.
RolfYoga in Wilchingen: Tuesdays at 9.00 a.m.