What happens in treatment?

Structural Integration consists of a series of ten sessions, each building upon the previous one.  Session run 60 to 90 minutes.  During every session, an assessment of posture and body structure, both sitting and moving, is made.  Manual treatment is then administered in a supine, sitting or even a standing position. 

In addition, over the course of treatment, the individual client’s style of movement is analyzed and everyday movement such as sitting down, getting up, walking, and standing etc. are improved step by step.

As a part of treatment, the client is taught to be self aware.  At the same time newly acquired body sensations help support long term retention of improvements, so that the “alignment process” continues on beyond the ten sessions.

The time frame for the ten sessions may vary from weeks to several months, according to the needs of the client.  The ten session series is followed by an interim of at least a year before a three-session refresher course would be considered, if needed at all.