What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is the life work of biochemist Dr. Ida P. Rolf.  She researched and developed this treatment method over the course of many years.  It is based, on the one hand, upon a human being’s response to the field of gravity, and on the other hand, upon the body’s structure, which is, according to Ida Rolf, primarily determined by the body’s pervasive all-surrounding connective network of fascial (or connective) tissue. 

The goal of treatment is to straighten and align the body, allowing for easy balance in response earth’s gravitational field!

On this earth, a well organized system is more efficient than a poorly organized one.  A disorganized body structure encounters challenges as it responds to gravitational pull.  It builds up supplementary support systems by thickening and shortening fascial tissue.  Over time the optimal functioning of joints and muscles is compromised and movement becomes increasingly difficult.  This, in turn, causes the body to compensate even more. 

Structural integration seeks to align the body; to make room within the joints so that movement is easier and more efficient.  When joints can bear weight correctly, pain is minimized. Injuries and body wear-and-tear are lessened or prevented from occurring.  

Regardless why structural body work is initiated, treatment will, in any case, result in increased fitness and a greater sense of  wholeness.