What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is the life work of biochemist Dr. Ida P. Rolf.  She researched and developed this treatment method over the course of many years.  It is based, on the one hand, upon a human being’s response to the field of gravity, and on the other hand, upon the body’s structure, which is, according to Ida Rolf, primarily determined by the body’s pervasive all-surrounding connective network of fascial tissue.  

The goal of treatment is to straighten and align the body and bring it into a natural balance with the field of gravity! 

Our life, in all its facets, «shapes» our body. One could say that the entire mental and physical past leaves its mark on a body. Our “posture” results from this, and of course also from inherited structures. It determines how we move in gravity. According to Dr. Rolf, the all-ambracing network of fascia is mainly responsible for this form, because it forgets nothing and adapts to the circumstances. This means that a disorganized body structure meets the challenge of gravity by allowing compensatory movements and building support systems in the form of thickening, gluing and shortening of the connective tissue.  

Structural Integration aims to straighten the body by working on the connective tissue, loosening adhesions, creating space in the joints so that movements become easier and more economical. Biomechanical stress is minimized and thereby resulting pain is reduced. Injuries and abrasion are prevented by a better body awareness. Regardless of the reason for entering Structural Integration, one of the results will be a sense of fitness and wholeness.