Why and for whom?

Structural Integration supports a holistic growth of body and soul. The treatment focus is not on the symptoms, its target is a holistic therapy process of 10 sessions which take about 60 to 90 minutes. It includes a systematic reorganization and rebalancing of connective tissue throughout the body.  

Structures and habits need time to integrate changes. We achieve this on the one hand through manual processing and on the other hand by an interactive process in which the newly acquired movements are actively perceived and integrated into everyday life. Of course, the goals vary greatly depending on the persons age and personal background, so the process is individually adapted.

The treatment method has a beneficial effect upon the following:

  • Suffering due to poor posture
  • Tension and movement restrictions, scoliosis 
  • Psychologically challenging life circumstances 
  • Chronic muscular pain such as back, shoulder and knee pain 
  • Neck pain, headache or migraine 
  • Post-operative movement restriction and scar tissue
  • Increases athletic ability through optimization of musculoskeletal functioning 
  • Improves dance, voice and theatrical performance, allows greater breathing capacity
  • Promotes personal growth, greater self expression, and increased self-confidence